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Staci Pace Fitness was started because we know how difficult it is to provide truly personal service at a large commercial gym.

We are 100% committed to helping you achieve real results.  We do this by providing you with a small, friendly environment, free of busy distractions common in other fitness centers, where personal attention and your results are our key focus.

Our goal is to make a positive health and fitness impact on the lives of the Orillia community and turn back the tide on epidemic levels of type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Our commitment to maintain the highest quality of personal training is all for one reason, to ensure the clients see LONG TERM, LASTING RESULTS.  This will allow clients to reach their goals faster, enjoy a healthier lifestyle, and to have more energy.


I will help educate, motivate, support and inspire my clients with a positive attitude in a relaxed atmosphere throughout the entire program.

I will be organized in planning a valuable fitness/eating program and will provide clear directions and realistic feedback.

I will help my clients plan and obtain measurable realistic goals and optimize their chance for a successful experience.

I will be a devoted lifetime learner in the areas of fitness and nutrition.

I will inspire people to change their lives by becoming more physically active and educate them on nutritional food choices.


Most people probably wouldn't cut their own hair, diagnose their own illnesses or fix their own car.  They would go to a hairdresser, doctor or mechanic.  But when it comes to our health and fitness, why is it we seem much more reluctant to go to a professional?

In order to convince you that hiring a personal trainer could change your life and that you're worth it, the following reasons are why you will hire me as your trainer:


How often do you plan a trip to the gym after work, only to find the sofa calling your name at the end of a hard day?  If you're paying a personal trainer, you have a set appointment which will force you to make the commitment to come to our studio.  The hardest part is getting yourself through my door.  Plenty of people regret skipping workouts but have you ever come away from a great work out session and wished you hadn't done it? 


I will be your own personal cheerleader, boosting your confidence to help you achieve more than you thought possible.  If you're on your own, you are more likely to stop when the going gets tough, but I will push you to achieve your full potential.  You'll realize you are capable of so much more than you ever dreamed.  For example, I have a client who thought she'd never be able to do proper push ups, but now they are her favourite exercise and she loves showing them off at every opportunity.  She would never have tried doing them on her own because she was convinced she couldn't do them.


A personal trainer has done extensive study on the human body and knows what will get their clients the best results.  I am qualified to write you an exercise plan to get you to your goal quicker.  I will save you a lot of time, as you're not walking around a gym aimlessly, not knowing what to do.  With me, you get in, get the job done properly, and get out.


I have often seen people working out in the gym using improper form, which could lead to serious injury.  The most effective workouts are done with free weights but it is easy to get the exercise wrong and hurt yourself.  I will be able to watch you at all times and make sure you are doing everything properly.  Even if you just work with me for a short time, I can teach you the proper technique so you can go it alone in a safe and effective way.  And if you are coming back from an injury, it's even more important to work with a professional who can prevent you getting injured again and help you build your strength up much more quickly.


I am available to my clients almost 24/7 to answer their health and fitness questions.  They can contact me by email or text at any time and I always make sure I respond promptly.  A good personal trainer will equip you with the knowledge to get healthier.  I can help you improve your diet and give you an exercise plan to follow when you're not working out with me. 


Let's face it, not everyone enjoys working out and exercise can easily get boring.  I come equipt with an arsenal of interesting exercises, many of which you may never have seen before.  And the more you enjoy it, the more you'll be wanting to come back to me for more.


You know those exercises you skip at the gym because you hate them?  Well, the reason you hate them is probably because they work your weak areas, so unfortunately that means you should really be doing them more!  I will force you to work on those areas so you'll balance your body which will give you better posture and make your life easier.


"Staci, I want to take this time to acknowledge the positive impact you have had on my life.  I was in a pretty dark place before I met you.  With your knowledge and experience, you have not only supported me to become a healthier and confident person, but you are a role model to me and have impacted my life tremendously.  I cannot thank you enough.  During my classes and personal training session with you, you always ensure I am doing everything correctly to not injure myself.  This makes me feel safe with you.  I have been to many gyms in the past, but have never walked away with the confidence I have gained since attending your studio.  You are so motivating and super awesome!!!

People go to you for a reason.  And I totally get that now."

~Krista T.

"Staci!  You are awesome!  Knowledgeable, competent and you practice what you preach!  You have helped me become stronger and taught me what I needed to know to help my body heal from my injuries!  I can't thank you enough!!  When I was told that surgery was my only option, I thought  that was it - I would be in a wheelchair.... but you helped me change that!  I'm so proud to be a part of what you have built!  And I will celebrate your success years to come!  THANK YOU!!!"

~Jill L.

"I have been to other gyms.  [I have] Spent tons of money on memberships and personal training.  Yet when I started with Staci, she sat me down to set goals.  After only 1 month those goals were already reached.  Staci is honest and sets realistic, obtainable goals.  They were obtainable because Staci was there every step of the way making sure form, safety, fun, encouragement and guidance was given."

~Chris H.

"Staci is a fitness professional who has obtained the necessary formal education and relevant experience to help her clients reach their fitness goals. My goals were to lose weight, increase my cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility all of which were attained to my satisfaction. She takes a balanced approach and tailors the workout plan according to the individual’s progress. She also thoroughly explains each exercise and willingly answers any questions while remaining fact based. Staci is skilled at correctly gauging my energy levels for each session and supplies the motivation to complete the appropriate number of repetitions for each exercise for optimal results. Her willingness to keep a flexible schedule to accommodate my work and home responsibilities is greatly appreciated. Above all she has an infectious and untiring positive attitude which makes me look forward to every workout. I always feel energized after a session and glad that I invested my time and money in my short and long term health. I would, without any hesitation, recommend Staci’s fitness services to anyone interested in learning how to safely and effectively increase their fitness levels.  
~Annetta R.

"I've been doing classes with Staci for about 2 years now. After reaching my weight loss goal I thought I'd be happy with my body and how it looked but I wasn't. That's when I started to think about what the next step was for me. Staci was always so full of energy and makes it her mission to motivate us during classes so I figured I'd give her personal training a try. I'm so very glad I did! Staci is very knowledgeable and up front with what is expected during every session. She believes in clean eating and lifting heavy (with proper form of course). I would not be where I am today without my biggest cheerleader by my side telling me not to give up. Staci has not only helped me physically but mentally as well. When I don't believe in myself she believes in me and oddly enough that is what makes me want to push harder. One of my goals when I started personal training was to be able to squat my own body weight and have recently achieved that goal! I would not have been able to do that without Staci's help and guidance.

If you are looking for a "soft" personal trainer then you are in the wrong place, but if you are looking for a personal trainer that believes in you and will push you beyond what you think are your limits so that you will achieve greatness, then you are definitely in the right place! 
There's no place I'd rather be!"
~Julie W.
"While I don't mean to write a novel - I do want to share a bit of insight into how motivating and truly special Staci is. I have been extremely overweight since my late teens after being diagnosed with PCOS and an autoimmune disease with no known cure. I was frustrated, tired, in hindsight probably pretty defeated and wanted the happy and fit me back. I had tried many different things - elimination diets, home fitness dvd's, fasts...you name it, I tried it. At over 100 pounds overweight, I was intimidated by regular gyms and found my way to Staci via her amazing Zumba classes and thought I would try her personal training. I can honestly say it changed my life. Staci geared my training to my capabilities - always pushing me that step further than I thought I could go. Weight loss was slow, but it was working when NOTHING ELSE HAD, and I had never felt stronger or better about myself. I beat goals each week that I never dreamed I would be able to do, and after having weight loss surgery in the hopes of alleviating the pain from my disease....the training combined with the surgery and protein based eating plan from Staci has allowed me to lose 100+ pounds and keep it off in spite of the odds being stacked against me. For the first time in many years, I have my hope and my life back, and I have never really told Staci how big a part she has played in that, so I figured what better place to thank her than here, publicly, where people can read a first hand reference. If you are considering personal training - there is no other person I have met in my life so committed to seeing you succeed. You would be crazy to go anywhere else - and you will be so glad you tried. As long as Staci is training - she has a client in me!"
~Kristi F.
"At what point and time do you decided enough is enough? For me it was a Wednesday in May of 2012 and I was tired of being tired, tired of not being able to do things I wanted to do and really tired of being told I couldn't do things I used to do. A little history.....in 2006 I sustained a back injury that in the beginning seemed as though it was "fixable". After spending hundreds of dollars at the Chiropractor he said "you need to have this looked at further". I spent 3 and a half years jumping through hoops doing injections, physical therapy and countless other remedies to try and relieve what appears to be a pinched sciatic nerve. Fast forward to 2009 when I finally saw a surgeon who said yes to surgery. 2 days post op after a L1S1 decompression on my right side the left side collapsed and I was right back on the table 7 months later for a second decompression and a joint fusion. In this time period I managed to gain 70+ pounds from doing absolutely nothing. I couldn't even go for a bike ride or a walk with my kids. Healing and trying to regain some strength in my back and lower body seemed like an impossible task and took a great deal of time. 

In May of 2012 my sister and a mutual friend were talking about going to a Zumba class though Orillia Zumba. I was excited! I had hear this was a fun way to exercise and get moving. One Wednesday night we decided to try Zumba. What a blast we had! We had so much fun we continued until the end of the session. Zumba was then over until fall. I couldn't wait for it to start again. Fall came and we were right back to classes again. I started eating better and the weight started to come off slowly. In February of 2013 Staci opens the doors of Staci Pace Fitness. She was open for business and began training clients on a 1 on 1 basis. I started with Staci in March of 2013. I had never used a personal trainer before and had no idea what to expect. The first few months were pretty rough as I was clearly out of shape (wait,... round is a shape right lol?) but I didn't give up. I was determined to make it. There were times that I could barely move I was so sore after my workouts. But I always showed up ready to go again. Were there times I didn't think I could do what was being asked of me......oh hell yeah. Looking at the weight of a bar and thinking "yeah right". Getting down on the floor and saying "you might be lucky to get a push up out of me....not 10". But when you have someone like Staci pushing you to give 110% each and every time you step through her doors.....it makes a huge difference. Does she yell.....yep she does, but it's with encouragement in her voice. Staci has given me my life back. I have been able to accomplish more in the 3 years I have been training than I would have ever thought possible. How about 103....yes that's 103 Bosu Ball Burpee(yep they suck lol) push ups. How about real push ups. Not modified, actual push ups. Yes I can do those too. My first triathlon...completed in 1 hour and 13 minutes. 

Truthfully, Staci had taught me more about myself and what I can do(mostly because I'm stubborn and don't like being told I can't do something) than I could have ever taught myself. Food is not my enemy, but you have to eat the right foods to fuel your body. There is no magic pill or drink that will make you loose weight. Hard work and the right foods however will keep those pounds and inches coming off. I leave my PT sessions feeling energized and empowered each and every week. And that is thanks to Staci. She notices when I haven't performed to the best of my abilities and we talk about why that might be. She has finally (after many many discussions) got me to "listen to my body". You need to rest just as much as you need to workout. Rest is equally as important as the workout itself. Staci has given me my life back. She has taught me that I really am stronger than I think. I will be eternally grateful for the friendships I have built with the women I have met on this journey including Staci. For always being in my corner and pushing me to do what I think I can't. For helping me to become stronger and more fit than I have been since I was in my early 20's. 

What are you waiting for? Come and give it a try. You won't be sorry.....you will be sore but never sorry."
~Veronica H.

"10 reasons why I love Staci and her personal training:

1.   Staci’s training is hard work but it gets results.

2.   I have more energy now than ever before.

3.   Staci’s training has resculpted my body.

4.   I have gone from a size XL to a size S.

5.   I now have pipes!!!

6.   I have the pleasure of spending time with Staci – one on one – Staci is a truly wonderful and caring person.

7.   Staci has a way of pushing you and encouraging you to work hard and be your best –actually she is relentless– but in a good           way.

8.   Thanks to the personal training, I am healthier than ever before - my resting heart rate and blood pressure are way down.

9.   Staci will also share advice on nutrition and healthy eating.

10.   Whatever happens at the gym, stays at the gym!!

Thank you thank you Staci for all you do. I wish I had met you years ago."
~Jane B.

"I always read testimonials that state how someone transformed them and you should sign up and start today and blah blah blah.   However, that is exactly how I would start my feedback about Staci Pace Fitness.   If you are looking to transform yourself and you are ready to put in the hard work that comes along with it, you will have the most supportive, honest, dedicated trainer with you every step of the way.  Staci, literally, transformed me.  My health, my confidence, my strength, my outlook on what it really means to feel great and to be healthy.  I have been training with Staci for over 2 years now and I have never felt better.  I know what a healthy lifestyle is, I know how to balance my food with exercise, I know when to keep pushing myself.  This is all because of Staci.  If you are ready to take the next step and really change your body and your health, there is no doubt on who should help you with that.  Staci is the best and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!"
~Dawn I.


100% Guarantee.

Get in shape or I will train you for free until you do.

I can confidently guarantee you will realize significant results from my services if you adhere to the fitness program that I design for you, or I will train you for free until you get in shape.

In order to receive this offer, you must be able to honestly say that you consistently followed your fitness program; for the specified time and did not see any noticeable results.

Client Expectations:

What if I told you that you'd learn how to select the right foods to optimize your workout performance and gain strength, muscle and lose body fat all at the same time!  Realistic results.  All this and much more can be achieved.

If you're serious about losing body fat, increasing athletic performance, changing your physique or increasing strength, I am confident that my services will help you reach your fitness goals.

All of my clients are dedicated to building a better body.  In order for me to work with you I ask that you show up on time, train hard, follow all my instructions and make a commitment to train with me for a period of time.  If you do this I can guarantee you the results that you are looking for.  It is that simple!


On average, a Personal Trainer in Orillia charges anywhere from $40.00 to $80.00 per hour or more, per session.

Current rate:  (subject to change)
1 Session:  $40/hour
10 Sessions:  $400.00 (minimal amount to book appointments)

Contact us for more information, for your quote, or to book your appointment today!


If you are unable to complete a prepaid package of personal training sessions due to injury or illness, with a doctor's note, you will receive a full refund for all unused sessions, minus a 10% service charge.

Prepaid sessions must be used within 12 months and will not be refunded.  Prepaid personal training sessions can be transferred to another persona in cases of injury, illness or family emergency that prevents you from continuing.

Prepaid personal fitness training sessions can be transferred to another person but must still be used within 12 months of initial payment.

If you have not used all of your prepaid sessions 12 months after payment, no refund/transfer will be provided for the unused portion.  You will need to purchase a new package to continue training.