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Quotes Super great classes... yay! Quotes
Kelly McCullough
Zumba & Zumba Toning

Quotes Zumba is a fun work out ~~ Up and down, and spin around ~~ Moving your hips to the music ~~ Boobs and bums are a shakin with our ~~ Awesome instructor named Staci. ~~~ Can't wait for Wednesday nights ~~ At Harriett Todd ~~ Right foot, left foot ~~ Dancing around the gym floor ~~ I'm working up a good sweat and ~~ Only hate one silly light bulb song. Quotes
Connie Bennett-Carter
Zumba Poem

Quotes its awsome to have an instructor that gets into what she is doing. first time i tried zumba it was at curves had so much fun laughing and enjoying working out. that half hour went so fast that i wanted to do the next half hour. just want to say thank you Staci. Quotes

Quotes A friend of mine asked if I wanted to join Zumba classes with her last fall. I said yes but was totally unsure of what I was in for. I had never even heard of Zumba??? I thought that we would probably go for about 8 weeks and be done with it. BUT as it turns out, we both LOVED it and haven't missed one class. Because we enjoyed Staci's classes so much we decided to join her I.C.E. Program for another intense work out! (I know, we're crazy...) but I now look forward to both classes every week. Staci is awesome!! She keeps us really motivated with her high energy, amazing personality and passion for teaching. I am so glad to have found an exercise class that is fun, good for my health and to top it off, I've made some great friends along the way. Staci, thanks for being awesome!! Your friend, Quotes
Mary Lou Both
Zumba & I.C.E. Program

Quotes After many years of searching, I have finally found the most phenominal teacher/instructor ever. Staci's enthusiasm, knowledge, personality, vibrant energy and ability to motivate ensures the utmost benefit of exercise and dance and the utmost "joi de vivre". Way to go Staci, you are AWESOME! Quotes
Carla B.
Zumba in the Circuit - Curves

Quotes I have been taking Staci's Zumba classes for a few years now... WHAT A BLAST!!! Staci's enthusiasm and her awesome personality make the class so much fun! It's great to have an instructor that is not only well educated in her craft, but has the ability to keep me motivated and energized, even on the days that I feel like being lazy! Staci's classes are great for everyone regardless of your age or fitness ability, and her mottos "do what makes you feel good" and "don't lose your groove" keep us going all through the class!!! Quotes
Jennifer Nick

Quotes I miss your antics at Zumba and can't wait for you to heat me up again on Monday. Love the classes because you make it so much fun to sweat and work the heart. Quotes
Fay T.

Quotes I just started with Staci and it's the most fun I have had exercising in years and I have been into fitness all my life. I plan to continue with Zumba to keep my heart pumping and keeping fit. THANKS STACI (and Jen for getting me out there). Quotes
Fay McFarlane

Quotes Loved the new routine at Curves on Monday night ! It was alot of fun and a great workout ! Can't wait to do it again on Wednesday ! Linda Quotes
Linda Chatten
Great Time @ Zumba In The Circuit

Quotes I started taking Zumba classes with Staci about 6 months ago and the I.C.E. Program 2 months ago and I have never looked back. She is a great teacher with so much enthusiasm its really contagious. She motivates you to keep on going no matter how tired you get. And its great, as age doesn't matter in these classes, anyone can get fit. You just have to show up and feel the beat. Zumba is a great way to get in shape and stay in shape. The I.C.E. Program was a challenge for me but with the help and encouragement from Staci, I love the class - I leave feeling that I have accomplished something for me. The class makes me feel good about myself. Its a great workout. I love taking my classes and look forward to them each week. Staci you are awesome. Glad I met you. You have a Friend for life. Quotes
Laurie Lyver
Zumba & I.C.E. Program